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How To Feel Better and Get Help with Online Therapy for Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Anger, Panic attacks and more 

August 27, 2019 by Blaire Allen

The quest for a healthy and happy life is a life-long journey. Using the resources of an expert to help guide you on this journey is a very smart approach. 

Online CBT

Many times it requires the observations of another person to help put things into perspective. Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has helped thousands of people live happier lives and bypass barriers to therapy. CBT focuses on the way that our thoughts influence our feelings and our behaviors and works to change thought patterns in order to create changes to a person’s emotions and behaviors. We offer online CBT for Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Health anxiety, Insomnia,  OCD, Panic attacks, PTSD,  Relationship, Social anxiety, Speech anxiety,  Stress, and Weight Problems.

How Does It Work

The Basics of CBT

Since CBT constitutes the whole foundation for our online therapy program, we believe that it’s important for you to get a quick insight into what CBT is.

Cognitive: A term describing your thoughts and anything to do with the mind's function, e.g. thinking, understanding, learning and remembering.

Behavioral: A term describing how we respond to stimuli, such as the things we do as well as the things we do not do.

CBT is based on the idea that your thoughts are what cause your feelings and behaviors, not external stimuli like people, situations and events. That is, it’s not the stimuli that causes your emotions, but it’s how you interpret and perceive that stimuli. The benefit of this insight is that you can change the way you think, so that you feel and act better, even if the situation hasn’t changed. As you can see in the illustration above, there is a cycle of consequences with everything you do. This plays a great part in your overall feelings.

Is Online Therapy Right For Me?

In recent years, online CBT has become the go-to form of psychotherapy due to its ability to improve the current mental state and improve day-to-day life in a relatively short period of time. 

Evidence-based – based on proven, well-researched treatments within the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach. 

Qualified & experienced therapists - our therapists have a wide range of credentials (academic degrees, licenses or certifications). Margaret Sweet, the head of our therapists, has, together with the team, helped thousands of people to overcome their difficulties. 

Fully supported - it is much more than just chat (which many other companies offer). Our services include daily contact with your therapist, easy-to-follow structured information and tools such as the activity plan and your daily journal, follow-ups to see your progress, yoga & meditation videos, access to the forum and weekly tips on our blog.

Affordable - with our services, you get full support from your therapist. For the same price, you would normally not be able to meet with a face-to-face therapist.

Accessible & time saving - there is no need to travel to your therapist’s office. You can get help from wherever you are in the world.

Private & anonymous - you do not need to expose yourself face-to-face in the waiting room or in a therapist’s office, which some people find very unpleasant.

Secure & confidential - your work is saved anonymously on our secure server, where only you and your therapist can access it.

What Are The Benefits of Online Therapy?


CBT is a problem-specific and pragmatic approach since it helps you to identify your specific problems and then gives you therapeutic tools so that you can overcome those problems.

CBT differs from many other therapies by having a clear predetermined structure, rather than the person talking/thinking freely about whatever comes to mind. Compared to traditional therapy, it also focuses on what is happening in your life here and now, rather than exploring what happened in the past.


CBT is particularly well developed and empirically supported in cases where clients frequently experience excessively negative thoughts that arise automatically, even in response to stimuli that might otherwise be experienced as positive.


CBT helps you understand the importance of thinking and how it affects how you feel and what you do. This very much includes learning to record your thoughts and looking at them more realistically.


CBT is based on the scientifically supported assumption that most emotional and behavioral reactions are learned. Therefore, the goal of the therapy is to help you unlearn your unwanted reactions and to learn a new way of reacting.


The educational emphasis of CBT has an additional benefit in that it leads to long-term results. When people understand how and why they are doing well, they know what to do to continue doing well.


Everything you learn from our program can be used over and over again. Your therapist will show you how you can stay in control of your problems and manage your own recovery on a long-term basis.


Each of the eight sections in our program is comprised of video, audio, reading material and practical activities. You will use worksheets, create your own activity plan and start keeping a journal. These are very important parts of CBT and will give you and your therapist the foundation to work from in overcoming your problems.


If you thoroughly complete all of these activities, we guarantee that you will make the most of our program and get the best results. These tools will make you look at and think about problems and situations in a different way.

What People Are Saying

Our services are tried and tested. Take a look at the reviews from some of the many people we have helped since we started back in 2009.

Dayna (May 18, 2020)   Rating:                         [5 out of 5 stars!]

"My therapist has given me a new way to look at things and challenges me to work extra hard to change that which doesn't work for me in life and within myself. If your ready for hard work and self temper tantrums and real effort, I say go for it. It will lead to great gains in the end. Heartaches In the beginning and more bad. But worth it. Because then it brings in the good. And hopefully your therapist will help you how mine is for me. To have a happy and fulfilling life, and to get all negative - in life and within yourself - OUT."

JL (May 17, 2020)   Rating:                        [5 out of 5 stars!]

" has been such a great resource for me! I love how I can work on everything at my own pace and schedule. I love how I can finish a worksheet and get feedback from my therapist. I truly feel the therapists on here truly want to help you. Even though I am only a few weeks in I am so grateful I found online-therapy. If anyone is considering trying it I would definitely say go for it!"

New Experience (May 14, 2020)   Rating:                       [5 out of 5 stars!]

"I've tried online therapy before and it had always stressed me out and made me feel worse.

But ever since using this site I've actually see the changes in myself. I never feel pressured and I love the worksheets that let me work at my own pace. I also love that I get feedback and I'm able to talk about it"

Bob's Review (April 30, 2020)   Rating:                           [3 out of 5 stars!]

"It's good to bring up the issues so you can see them. It makes it easier to stay on top of corrective actions."

Mr.T (November 30, 2019)   Rating:                               [4 out of 5 stars!]

"I've been doing the program for about a month and so far it has helped me out. I am able to actively receive feedback on my day to day habits and thought processes. My therapist asks appropriate questions and provides very helpful and non-judgmental suggestions."

JuanSe (March 16, 2018)    Rating:                          [5 out of 5 stars!]

"I really like the platform, its user friendly. It has given me an opportunity to look at myself, my thoughts and my habits from a different angle. It has also given me the possibility of doing it from home or work, which is great."

Reviewer1 (May 16, 2016)  Rating:                                 [4 out of 5 stars!]

"The feedback is regular which is fantastic! I also find the 30 minute chats helpful, although I wish they could be longer. My therapist is very kind and helpful."

Thankful (September 01, 2015)   Rating:                          [5 out of 5 stars!]

"I was very impressed with the anxiety on line therapy course. The therapists were very kind, understanding and professional. I really enjoyed the structure of the sessions and and the ability to work through the workbooks at my leisure. I will definitely be recommending the course to others."


Rc Matheson (May 28, 2012)  Rating:                            5 out of 5 stars!]

"I just wanted to say even though because of time constraints I can't come online every day, that I have noticed a HUGE difference in my negative thoughts when around other people. They used to be automatic and constant, but now I am often interacting with other people and afterwards I realize that I had NO negative thoughts. This is making such a big difference, thank you so much."

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